As a homeowner, you may run into times when you need a locksmith. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Locking yourself out of your home

  • Installing new locks or replacing old ones

  • Changing the locks after a break-in

  • Repairing a broken lock

If you find yourself in any of these situations, Legacy Locksmiths in Treasure Valley, ID is here to help. We have been in business for over 60 years and our team of master locksmiths is the best in the business. We can help you with everything from installing new locks to repairing broken ones. It is our priority to ensure you and your family are safe and secure in your home. Contact our team to receive a quote for our services.

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Our Residential Services

Home Lockout: If you have been locked out of your home by accident, or if your home has been broken into, we can help. Our team of locksmiths will come to your aid and get you back into your home as quickly as possible.

Lock Installation: We can install any type of lock that you need, and we will make sure that it is installed correctly and working properly.

Lock Change: If you have moved into a new home or apartment, it is always a good idea to change the locks. This will ensure that only you and your family have access to your home.

Lock Repair: If you have a broken lock, we can repair it quickly and efficiently.

Master Key: A master key is a great way to have one key that can open all of the locks in your home. This is perfect for families with children who may lose their keys often.

Rekeying Locks: If you want to change the locks but don’t want to buy new ones, we can rekey the locks for you. This will change the internal mechanism of the lock so that your old key will no longer work.

Key Duplication: If you need extra keys made, we can do that for you quickly and easily. Just bring in the key that you need to be duplicated and we will make a copy for you.


Benefits of a Hiring Locksmith as a Homeowner

Trying to install, repair, or replace locks on your own can be difficult and time-consuming. It is always best to hire a professional locksmith to do the job for you. We can repair, install, and replace locks, safes, and gates, so you can rest assured that your home is secure without having to lift a finger.

More benefits of hiring Legacy Locksmiths include:

  • We have over 60 years of experience

  • We are a family-owned business

  • We are licensed, insured, and bonded

  • We offer a variety of services

  • We are always available to help you 24/7 with your locksmith needs

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If you need a locksmith in Treasure Valley, ID, don’t hesitate to contact Legacy Locksmiths today! Reach out to us to receive a quote for your project.